Slavery By Another Name Book Cover

After seven long years…

….this book finally appears.

I couldn’t have hoped for a better moment in our country’s national discussion than now. Regardless of anyone’s preferences among presidential candidates, the dialogue in the past week spurred by Sen. Barack Obama’s speech on race has reintroduced a seminal topic to millions of young Americans.

Hopefully, Slavery by Another Name can contribute to a more clear understanding of how much more recently the most grave injustices against African-Americans remained commonplace. Acknowledging the terrors and tragedies that twisted the life of Green Cottenham, and ultimately killed him as a slave in 1908, is essential to understanding the racial divide in the U.S. today.

To anyone who has followed this project from its inception with a story in The Wall Street Journal in 2001–especially my wife and kids–I’d like to say thanks. To anyone who reads the book, or hears me through the media, I hope you’ll bring that national dialogue–and anything you might know about the re-enslavement of black Americans–to this blog.

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